Can I put Pelia Moss in a Turtle Tank?

You can have Pelia moss in the Turtle tank. Pelia moss is the perfect companion for the Turtle tank. Rapid growth with a densely packed region will offer perfect hiding space to the TurtleTurtle.

Most turtles are found in the deep water, where corals and sea plants surround them. When placed in the tank, the open water could stress them out as the plant grows in the region. Turtle needs a calm place to hide.

They cannot keep swimming all the time. There should be a proper arrangement in the tank where Turtle can rest for a while. Either build the turtle house on the surface or make the dense region with the help of the aquarium plant to enable them to reside behind the wall made of green plants.

Can I put Pelia Moss in a turtle Tank
Can I put Pelia Moss in a turtle Tank

Pelia moss plants mostly prefer to create underwater forests. The reason for that is the plant proliferates. Tiny leaves make the dense region around it.

Also, when the plant is widespread in the available space, it will keep constructing natural caves-like structures. Somewhere the plant will create a realistic underwater tunnel. The aquarium plant gives a beautiful look to the tank. A turtle will find the place more enjoyable and peaceful.

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Is Pelia Moss good for Turtle tank?

Pelia moss is beneficial for the Turtle tank. Tiny plant leaves will support the TurtleTurtle with nutritional food. Also, the faster growth of the plant contributes to balancing the Turtle’sTurtle’s habitat. Like any other creature, the TurtleTurtle also finds it safe when they are hidden behind a tree. They do not prefer going in the open space where they could become an easy target to the predators.

Therefore, creating a suitable environment for TurtleTurtle would support healthy growth. Significantly, the newborn babies of the TurtleTurtle need protection. Pelia moss plants will provide the house after they enter the water. Turtles can survive by eating algae and fresh leaves of the Pelia moss plant. When sufficient food is available around them, they do not bother coming out in the open water saving their life from predators. Overall Pelia moss plant will be supportive in all aspects.

Is it ok to put Pelia Moss and Turtles together?

Yes. You can have Pelia moss and TurtleTurtle together in the same tank. The Pelia moss plant will help simulate the tank’s natural environment. The availability of the live plant in the tank makes the TurtleTurtle comfortable.

Use the trimming method to maintain plant growth. When the plant is placed in the tank, it starts occupying the large area in the tank. Slowly the tank will be covered in the densely populated green leaves Pelia moss plant.

Also, ensure the plant is kept where the TurtleTurtle cannot reach easily. Use the mesh-like structure to prevent the TurtleTurtle from reaching close to the plant. Or give limited access to the plant. A turtle would love to eat the tiny leaves of the plant. When the plant is accessible, it will get eaten by the TurtleTurtle. Too much damage may cause the plant to die soon.

Are Turtles damaging Pelia Moss plants?

Yes. We cannot deny that the Pelia moss plant could get damaged by the Turtle because Turtle likes to eat live plant leaves. Whenever they find the live plant underwater, they will start nibbling them.

Provide them sufficient food to keep them away from the plant. As soon as the plant gets eaten by the TurtleTurtle, it would be difficult to remove them faster, especially when too many of them start nibbling at once. Thus, You should control the Turtle’sTurtle’s behavior and ensure they are not hungry.

Pelia moss plant should be part of the emergency food. Provide limited access to the plant by restricting them from entering the area. If you forget to supply food to the TurtleTurtle, they can survive for a few days eating the live plant.

Are Turtles eating Pelia Moss?

Yes. Turtle can eat Pelia moss plant. Live plants are one of the favorite foods of the TurtleTurtle. Additionally, the Pelia moss will support turtle growth by offering a peaceful living space. As the TurtleTurtle grows, the plant will keep the nutritional food. Leaves of the Pelia Moss contain a high amount of nutrition. The Turtle’sTurtle’s growth will be healthy by eating the Pelia moss plant. Hence, you should not worry if the TurtleTurtle eats the Pelia moss plant.

Is Turtle Poop harmful to Pelia Moss plants?

The Poop is not harmful to the Pelia moss plant. It will stay in the water as any other waste product. The problem with the development of Poop is over time, it starts contaminating the water. Slowly water quality will drop at a significant level.

The Pelia moss plant could not live in such a condition. Too much of the waste product will affect plant growth. Also, the TurtleTurtle will have trouble breathing underwater when Poop starts floating in the water. Over time, health problems would develop in the TurtleTurtle.

How to affect Pelia Moss for Turtle Breeding?

Pelia moss would support Turtle breeding. During the breeding season, the Turtle finds a quiet place to live. Also, the place should be safe enough to protect the newborn babies of the Turtle. When the female ensures the safety of their babies, she starts laying the eggs in hidden places.

Pelia moss would create a protected layer around the eggs. The dense region of the plant will support the faster growth of the turtle babies while serving nutritious food during their early growth. Space will be hidden, so it will be difficult for any other species to find the turtle babies.

Is Pelia Moss Toxic to baby Turtles?

No. Pelia moss is not toxic at all. The plant does not produce any harmful chemicals. The nutrition-rich plant leaves will support in faster growth of the plant. Thus, there will be no contamination. Even eating the plant leaves would not cause any problems to the baby turtle. Thus, you can comfortably have the Pelia Moss plant in the turtle tank.

Do Turtles eat algae in Pelia Moss?

Yes. Turtles are algae eaters. They will search for new algae growth, and once they find it, it will be the finest food they will have around them. Turtles eat algae grown in the Pelia moss plant. Pelia moss will support the faster growth of the algae. Thus, you should limit the growth; else, sooner or later, the plant will face trouble growing.


In summary, the Pelia moss is the perfect plant to have in the turtle tank. As soon as the plant takes place in the tank, the Turtle finds comfortable roaming around.

It is easy to grow and make the aquarium peaceful. A turtle will enjoy swimming around the Pelia moss plant. A dense region will naturally develop in the aquarium, making the Turtle enjoy their time in the fish tank.

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