How to Reproduce Spiky Moss? (Propagation Methods)

Spiky moss is one of the common types of aquarium mosses grown globally. With its appearance similar, but larger than that of Christmas moss, it’s also known as the “older brother” of Christmas moss.

Originating from the Asian region, Spiky moss is now found globally through successful reproduction, which is mainly done through cuttings and spores.

How to Reproduce Spiky Moss?
How to Reproduce Spiky Moss?

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How to reproduce Spiky Moss? (Step by step)

Spiky moss can be regrown in two ways.

  • Using cuttings from a mother plant
  • Using spores

Propagating using cuttings is ideal as its chances of a healthy and successful reproduction are high. In comparison, propagating through spores is less likely to be successful, more so if the environment it’s done in is not ideal.

Using cuttings from the mother plant

Like all other types of moss, spiky moss can be found growing in shady environments. So, you can either source your moss sample from a growth outdoors or purchase it from your aquarium retail store.

Once you get your sample of Spiky moss, you can create a few cuttings using the following steps.

  • Brush off any excess mud and soil from the sample.
  • Fill a bowl with clean water.
  • Rinse the moss thoroughly by submerging it in the bowl of water.
  • Throw away the cloudy water and continue rinsing until the water is not cloudy any longer.
  • Place the moss on a tray and carefully partition it into cuttings, with each cutting being a few inches in length.
  • Give the cuttings one final rinse.
  • Attach the cuttings to a substrate and introduce it to the aquarium.

It’s important to remember that thorough rinsing helps remove any dirt particles, bugs, or worms that may be living in the moss sample.

Your cuttings are then ready for planting!

Using spores

If propagating through spores, you can collect and plant the spores in potting soil where they can be kept until sprouting.

Make sure the soil is kept rich in minerals and moist during the propagation time as it will create an environment for healthy growth.

Once the spores sprout and have grown to a few inches in length, you can then remove and wash them thoroughly to remove any sand and dirt particles. Rinse the plants continuously until the water is not cloudy anymore.

Now your plants are ready for your aquarium!

Does Spiky Moss have genders?

Spiky moss is an asexual plant, with reproductive signs of both male and female genders enclosed in its spores that are formed in the sporangia of the moss plant.

Does Spiky Moss have babies?

Spiky moss produces spores. These spores act as babies that can then be planted and grown into new Spiky moss plants.

How to make Spiky Moss babies grow faster?

Propagating Spiky moss spores can be a little tricky. It requires much attention when compared to cultivating with moss cuttings. However, a few conditions could improve the chances of the healthy growth of the moss spores.

Maintaining the levels of soil moisture: Soil moisture levels are vital as Spiky moss thrives in shady and moist conditions.

Regular lighting: Maintaining regular lighting periods of between 8 to 10 hours is important even during the stages of germination.

Pest and weed control: Germinating spores need well-nourished soil. Weeding your plant bed is important in preventing any extra loss of nutrients. Removing any pests such as snails will also make sure the budding plants are not nipped or eaten before healthy germination.

How to correctly trim a Spiky Moss to reproduce?

Trimming Spiky moss is not tricky. Simply pull back the stem area where you wish to separate the leaves and snip it off with a pair of trimming scissors.

Trimming off any dead or wilting leaves at the earliest opportunity will also promote a healthy reproduction of Spiky moss cuttings.

The main problem of Spiky Moss multiplying

The main problem with cultivating Spiky moss is the propagation method with spores. Even when provided with excellent conditions, successful propagation with spores is much lower than when propagation with cuttings.

Another main problem with a healthy, fully grown Spiky moss cluster is that it grows in layers, upwards. With its spike-shaped leaves arranged in a circular pattern, its new shoots grow up and above the older layers below.

This creates a clustered and layered growth pattern. Such a clustered growth has a high chance of hiding any dying and decaying leaves at the bottom that can rot, potentially killing the entire plant and balancing the aquarium water and environment.

So, to prevent this, spacing out cuttings in your aquarium is highly recommended.

How long does it take for Spiky Moss to reproduce?

With an average growth rate of about three-quarters of an inch to an inch per month, Spiky moss will continue to grow in your aquarium over time.

For a cutting to take root and stabilize itself in an aquarium, however, it will take about a week to a fortnight.

How can I propagate Spiky Moss in-house?

If you wish to cultivate your Spiky moss, instead of purchasing it readily from the market, don’t hesitate! Propagating Spiky moss in-house is not complicated. It only requires a few steps.

  • Obtain your Spiky moss sample cuttings
  • Attach the cuttings to a substrate
  • Place the moss in the aquarium
  • Maintain suitable conditions for optimal growth

Sourcing your Spiky moss samples can be done easily from your nearest aquarium store. Once sourced, clean the moss cuttings as mentioned before and attach them to a substrate.

Using a heavy substrate such as a rock or driftwood will be ideal. Attaching the moss to the substrate can be done with the help of aquarium-friendly glue such as flourish glue or super glue.

Finally, insert the moss into the aquarium and maintain it under the required conditions of lighting, temperature, and other aquatic conditions. Your moss will take about a week to acclimatize itself to the aquarium conditions.

How can I encourage Spiky Moss to spread?

Spiky moss generally grows in clusters because of its circularly arranged leaf growth structure and upward layering growth pattern.

Planting your Spiky moss spaciously in your aquarium will help reduce this clustered growth to a large extent.

This combined with regular trimming of the leaves and rearranging them when they appear to be clumped too much in one area will encourage a spaced-out growth of your Spiky moss.

When rearranging the moss, you can use pieces of wire as it will help separate and keep the moss in place.


As highlighted, Spiky moss can be reproduced by either planting spores or with the help of cuttings, out of which the use of cuttings is recommended more.

With the simple steps of sampling and sourcing the moss, rinsing, and attaching it to the substrate, it’s clear that reproducing Spiky moss can simply be done by anyone given the correct measures are followed!

So do take that extra step to create an exquisite and natural aquarium for your fish today!

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