Are Marimo Moss Balls Good for Turtle Tank?

Turtles are a Reptile seen in waters, people use to have different types of turtles as pets at their residences .

Are Marimo Moss Balls Good for Turtle Tanks
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Are Marimo Moss Balls Good For Turtle Tank?

Having Marimo Moss Balls in your Turtle Tank is totally safe. The Marimos does not make any harm on the Turtles. The Marimos will provide oxygen to your turtle tank and also help in removing the unwanted growth of Algae in the Turtle Tank.

Also the Marimo Moss Balls help to maintain the levels of nitrogen and phosphate in the water of your tank.

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Do Turtles eat Marimo Moss Balls?

Like the Gold Fish which a herbivorous and ears up whatever that comes to its mouth the Turtles also feed on whatever plant they meet and it is the same with Marimos. Turtles will feed on the Marimos.

Marimos will provide the Turtles with the required Nutrition’s but you will not have any more Marimos left in your tank.

Therefore if you are willing to add Marimo Moss Balls into your Turtle Tank you will have to think twice and take precautionary measures to prevent the Turtles from reaching your Marimos.

Do Turtles like Marimo Moss Balls?

Turtles like the Marimo Moss Balls mostly as a food for them to feed on, and also when Marimos are in a turtle tank, the turtle will use to carry it around the tank as a pet and have fun with it.

Are Marimo Moss Balls Poison for Turtle?

As a totally harmless Algae Marimo Moss Balls will not be poison for the turtles but if you leave your Turtle Tank with Marimo Moss Balls without cleaning for a long time period, with the unclean water the Marimos will tend to rot and produce toxic ammonia and this will not be good on your Turtles.

How to Effect Marimo Moss Balls for Turtle Breeding?

The Moss of the Marimo Moss Balls will help the Turtles as a hiding place to have their Eggs laid and help the Turtles in the Breeding Process.

Is Marimo Moss Balls good for Baby Turtle?

Marimo Moss is harmless and not have any effect on the baby turtles in your tank until the water in your tank is clean. If the water is not clean enough for the Marimos and is left the same for a long time period, the Marimos will Rot and then effect the baby turtles.

How do I clean a Moss Ball Turtle Tank?

A Turtle tank needs to be cleaned once a week so as to keep the tank and the water clean if not the unclean water will kill the turtles which is the same as with the Marimo Moss Balls.

So when you clean your turtle tank you can take the Marimos out of the tank clean them with water, dip them in water so that the Mulm that is collected around the Moss is cleaned, give them a squeeze roll them and replace them back in the tank.

Can I put the Exo Terra Moss Ball for Turtle Tank?

You can add the Exo Tera Moss Ball into your Turtle Tank. Exo Terra Moss Ball helps to reduce the odour in your Turtle Tank and keeps the water Crystal clear. The Exo Tera Moss Ball improves the water quality.

This Exo Tera Moss Ball is effective for a period of two months of time and thereafter you will have to change it. You can enter an Exo Terra and leave it in the water part of the tank.

So as a totally harmless Algae used in decorating your tank you can have Marimo Moss Balls even in your Turtle tank which is not only a decoration to your tank but will also have other benefits to your tank.

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