How to Reproduce Peacock Moss? (Propagation Method)

Peacock moss is a remarkably easy-to-produce plant that originates from Asia. Its habitat is unknown, but this moss is considered a great addition to any home aquarium, as it is easy to care for.

It is somewhat similar to “spiky moss,” with its cushion-forming growth. Moreover, peacock muss is a wonderful foliage plant for the aquarium, and they can be a habitat for juvenile fish and shrimp.

Reproduce Peacock Moss
Reproduce Peacock Moss

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How to Reproduce Peacock Moss?

Peacock moss is a popular choice for planted aquariums because of its colorful appearance and low-tech aqua scaping. It grows in both soft and hard water, and it does well in normal lighting and without a CO2 diffuser.

In the tank, the moss needs only a small amount of fertilizer once it has established itself. Here’s how to propagate it:

  • To propagate peacock moss, first divide it by hand.
  • The plant can be divided by simply plucking off patches.
  • Then, you can attach the fragments to rocks or driftwood. Once it has attached to a piece of rock or driftwood, it will grow back to fill the resulting space.
  • To grow peacock moss, you can also place it on the wall or carpet.
  • They will attach on their own.
  • If you don’t want to work with a growing peacock moss plant, you can also use it as a moss wall or a spongy fern carpet.

What is the Plant division propagation method of the Peacock moss plant?

The easiest way to propagate Peacock moss is to take cuttings of the plant and put them in separate places. Cut the shoots and place them into the same spot.

Keep a check on cuttings well and place them in a dark, shady area. After a couple of days, divide them and put them into a different place’s environment.

What is the Cutting propagation method of the Peacock moss Plant?

One of the easiest ways to propagate Peacock moss is by cutting the stems that have roots. Divide these shoots and place them in a tank. After a few days, divide them and place them in different tanks.

When they have rooted properly, you can divide them as many times as you need. Cuttings should be made on the petiole of the leaf. It is essential to pot the cuttings quickly.

Are Peacock Moss have Genders?

No, the Peacock Moss does not have any gender. The plant does not produce flowers, and the only signs of reproduction are cones, which are less than half an inch long. For reproduction, they have just split apart and planted via propagation.

Does Peacock Moss Have Babies?

Yes, they have babies. You can grow Peacock Moss in your freshwater aquarium using stem cuttings and CO2 injection. It is very difficult to get the plant to have babies, but if you want a healthy moss, you should consider the light level.

It grows very quickly and has thin stems that may be rooted in the ground near the tip.

How to Make Peacock Moss Babies Grow Faster?

The first step in making Peacock moss babies grow faster is monitoring the humidity and light levels in your tank. Ensure that your aquarium gets at least two hours of light every day.

If your room doesn’t get a lot of light, you can place your moss mat near a window, but it isn’t necessary to leave it in direct sunlight all day.

After you’ve planted your peacock moss babies in the substrate, tie them to rocks or driftwood and watch them attach. You’ll soon have a whole forest! Once they have roots, tie them to mesh to create a moss wall or carpet.

If you’re growing peacock moss indoors, you can tie them to other plants like trees, shrubs, or rocks to make a beautiful moss carpet.

Another way to help peacock moss babies grow faster is to place them on a flat surface. This can be a tabletop or a countertop surface.

You can place the moss on a plastic sheet to make it stick in the water. This method is good for slow-growing bushes, but it won’t help if you plant too much moss.

How to trim a Peacock Moss correctly to Reproduce?

After you have cut the shoots, you need to anchor them. To do this, you can use rocks, driftwood, and other plants as anchors.

You can also use specialty plant glue or zip ties. To do this, make sure to anchor the moss in the ground before you plant it. You can also make it attach to a container by wrapping it in sea-line.

Main Problems of Multiply Peacock Moss


Algae are a common problem for mosses in the aquarium. These aquatic plants are susceptible to algae. Because their fine texture makes it difficult to remove algae by hand, the best solution is to trim the top layer and let the bottom portion grow back.


The water must be cold and clean enough for the moss to multiply.


The moss does not require direct sunlight. It must be kept in the shade.

How Long Does It Take for a Peacock Moss to Reproduce?

Once you’ve planted Peacock moss in your aquarium, the next step is to keep it at a constant temperature. Some aquatic mosses grow faster at a lower temperature, but most of them require a cool tank to thrive.

The best way to maintain a temperature around 65°F (21°C) is to maintain the humidity level at 70 percent or higher. If you want to maximize a thriving fern, you can try a CO2 additive to boost growth.

Once you’ve chosen the correct temperature, the next step is to monitor the growth of the plant. The ideal temperature for Peacock moss is between 5.0 and 7.5 degrees Fahrenheit.

You can increase the light intensity in your tank by adding extra light. During the day, it’s best to keep the aquarium in the shade.

The plant should be kept in a low-light aquarium to avoid it from wilting. If you have the space, you can even tie a piece of peacock moss to a piece of fishline.

It’s a good idea to hang peacock moss from the back of the tank. This way, the moss isn’t confined to a small area and will remain healthy. With these techniques, you will be able to grow peacock moss quickly.

How can I propagate Peacock Moss in the house? (Indoor propagate)

If you’ve never grown peacock moss before, you may be wondering how you can propagate it. In fact, propagating peacock moss is relatively easy.

Simply plant it in a moist medium such as soil and tie it to a rock or driftwood. It will attach to its host over time. It will also make a beautiful moss wall or carpet.

How can I encourage Peacock Moss to spread?

The first step to encouraging the growth of Peacock moss is to provide the plant with a rich substrate. A good substrate can support the growth of this beautiful tropical plant.

If you are unsure of what the best substrate is for your Peacock moss, try adding gravel or driftwood, etc., to it.


In order to get the best growth of Peacock moss in your aquarium, you must trim it regularly. The length of this moss should be between 1-2 cm so that it can spread easily and stay in shape.

The moss trimmings can be reused in other aquariums or given to another aquarist. For the best results, moss should be kept under low light conditions.

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