Is Peacock Moss Good for Shrimps?

Peacock moss is a naturally occurring plant that originated in Asia. It is an easy-to-grow, low-maintenance aquatic plant.

While the habitat of this species is unknown, its cushion-forming growth makes it a good choice for aquariums.

Is Peacock Moss Good for Shrimps
Is Peacock Moss Good for Shrimps

It also provides a suitable home for shrimp and other juvenile fish.

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Is Peacock Moss Good for Shrimps?

Although the texture of Peacock Moss is similar to that of Christmas moss, this particular variety has a more mellow overall effect.

Its soft texture makes it ideal for aquariums, which may benefit shrimp. It also harbors infusorians, which are the first food source for newborn shrimp. Besides, shrimp may feed on the fungus-like wall of the moss.

Do Shrimps Eat Peacock Moss?

In the wild, peacock moss is often seen in aquariums. It is not common in freshwater but can be found in the wild.

Some species can be considered toxic to shrimp, but this doesn’t apply to taxiphyllum sp., which is widely used for aquariums. Moreover, it’s also not difficult to cultivate.

To stop making the shrimps eat the moss, you must feed them adequately with food.

Is Peacock Moss best for Nano Shrimps?

One of the most popular types of aquarium plants for nano shrimp is Peacock Moss. This emersed moss is easy to care for and is ideal for breeding tanks. It is also incredibly attractive and makes a natural habitat for tiny shrimp.

Unlike other mosses, it does not require a lot of care or special maintenance. It can grow in low-light, medium-light, and full-color environments. And because it is completely inert, it’s ideal for dummies or tanks with lower-tech equipment.

Is Peacock Moss Good for all types of Shrimps?

Yes, Peacock Moss is good for all types of shrimps as they provide them will a place to hide and play. Peacock Moss is best grown fully submerged because it absorbs water and nutrients.

If you are looking for a moss that will grow well with all types of shrimp, consider using Peacock Moss. It also provides them with a healthy environment and is a source of emergency food.

Basic Tips to plant Peacock Moss in Shrimp Tank

  • Water Condition: The peacock moss does not require excessive sunlight. They grow well in milder, soft, and cooler water.
  • CO2: The moss can grow without the help of CO2. However, they also boost the growth of the plant..
  • Tank size: It depends. However, you should keep in mind that the moss grows very quickly and may occupy the entire tank in no time. So you can choose any tank of your liking.
  • Lightning: It could be anything from low to medium to high.

How to support Peacock Moss for Shrimp Breeding?

Using peacock moss is a very simple way to start a shrimp tank. Just tie the moss to driftwood or another substrate. Then, the moss will take care of itself.

As a bonus, it’ll provide food for the shrimp and a hideout for them. Moreover, the moss can be very useful in Shrimp breeding, as it calms the fish and provides a hiding place for them.

Do Shrimp Lay Eggs on Peacock Moss?

Are you wondering if shrimp can lay eggs on Peacock Moss? This moss is a type of fern and belongs to the family Taxiphyllum.

Its green fronds resemble those of a peacock, and its name translates to “peacock’s feather.” If you keep this plant in your aquarium, you can expect that your shrimp will lay eggs on it. If you want to raise a healthy population of shrimp, Peacock Moss is the way to go!

Do Shrimps Poop harmful for Peacock Moss?

Peacock Moss is not dangerous for any other plants in your aquarium, including your shrimp.

However, the excess poop may infiltrate the environment of the tank and may result in harm to the moss. Make you keep the tank clean and change 25% of the water every 15 days.

Is Peacock Moss safe for Baby Shrimps?

Unlike other aquatic plants, Peacock Moss is not toxic to baby shrimp. It is safe for use in aquariums. It has a velvety texture and grows in warm and cool temperatures.

It has a slow spread and requires no fertilizer. It is found in swamps and other damp places and does not require any lighting or heating. It is also very attractive to baby shrimps and other small fish.

However, you should keep in mind that the plant may contain harmful bacteria and may harm your aquatic life. In addition, it may contain a toxic substance that will kill your baby shrimp.

Will My Shrimps Die After Eating Peacock Moss?

A peacock moss plant is safe for shrimp. However, you should check the nutrient content of the plant before adding it to your aquarium.

Are Shrimps Get Stuck in Peacock Moss?

It is not likely for the shrimps to get stuck on the peacock moss. If it does, then the shrimps can easily get out of it.

However, if the problem persists or if the shrimps find it difficult to pry themselves loose, then you can opt for keeping the plat structure net free. Instead of a wall, you can use a rock or driftwood.

Do Cherry Shrimps like Peacock Moss?

The question, “Do Cherry Shrimps like Peacock Mosses?” is very interesting. The answer is yes. First of all, they must have a habitat in which to live, breed, and hide.

Will Shrimp eat Algae in my Peacock Moss tank?

In order to prevent algae from growing, you need to remove it as soon as possible. You can do this by brushing it off with a soft brush and wiping away algae with a wet towel. Be sure to brush the moss before you wipe it off.

Some aquarists recommend chemicals to kill algae. While these solutions can be helpful, finding the real cause of algae is the best solution.

Usually, an algae outbreak is brought on by four factors: poor water conditions, light, carbon, and plant nutrients. Shrimps do eat algae; they will clear up everything. To avoid them, they must be fed on time.

Can Shrimps enjoy with Peacock Moss?

The answer is a resounding yes. This moss provides an attractive home for shrimp and is easy to care for. The moss doesn’t require a lot of care and is not affected by many different types of water chemistry.


“Peacock Moss” is one of the most popular live plants for shrimp tanks. Peacock Moss is a unique type of moss that provides shade and coverage to both fish and shrimp.

This plant is flexible and easy to propagate, which makes it a versatile addition to the aquarium. It can be attached to hardscape materials to create a tree-like structure or cover up unnatural cuts.

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