Is Flame Moss Easy to Grow? (Complete Guide for Beginners)

The Flame Moss or the Taxiphyllum Flame is a Moss that belongs to the family of Hypnaceae. This moss is native to South and Southeast Asia and mainly grows in the rivers in these areas.

This Moss has a dark green appearance compared to the other Mosses and also has a thick growth and bushy appearance. With this beautiful look Aquarists everywhere have been using this Moss in the decorating of their Aquariums.

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Also compared to other Mosses and Aquarium plants the Flame Moss can grow itself almost anywhere.

Is Flame Moss Easy to Grow
Is Flame Moss Easy to Grow

Is Flame Moss Easy to Grow?

Yes, the Flame Moss as said can grow itself almost anywhere. Therefore it is an easy plant to grow. The Flame Moss grows from Rhizoids which will help the Moss to attach itself to the surface and absorb the nutrients needed making the plant’s growth easier.

Growing Methods of Flame Moss?

Flame Moss is identified as a plant that can grow itself anywhere can be grown completely submerged or immersed.

In a tank, the Flame Moss will grow around 03 to 04 inches tall. And when fully submerged will grow healthier and faster while when grown immersed will have slower growth.

Growing Surfaces of Flame Moss

The Flame Moss can be used in the decoration of your tank in many ways. It can be either attached to the substrate of the tank, driftwood, or even kept floating on the top of the tank.


The Flame Moss can be attached to a Driftwood and placed in the tank. After a certain period, the roots of this plant will start to attach towards the driftwood and grow themselves onto the driftwood.


the Flame Moss can also be attached to gravel on the surface of the tank where the plant can grow as thick bushes at the bottom of the tank.

Floating in the tank- One of the main advantages of the Christmas Moss is it does not require a specific surface attached for its growth.

Until the plant receives the required amount of water to its root system these plants can even be kept floating at the top of the tank which can also be used as a carpet to the tank.

What are the main growing problems of Flame Moss?

Although the Flame Moss is an easy growing plant in your tank, there are certain problems attached with growing the Flame Moss in your tank such as,

The fast flow of water in the tank- The Flame Moss requires a slow flow of water in your tank. When there is a fast flow of water through the filter in your tank it will cause the Moss to tear off and die.

Too much light received on the Moss- the Flame Moss is a low light plant therefore you will have to see that the Moss receives only the required amount of light. Too much light will cause the plant to change in color and die out.

Also, too much light received on the Moss will cause it to attract algae toward the Moss. When these algae lay within the Moss for a longer period it will be hard to remove the same out of the Moss.

Is Flame Moss a fast-growing plant?

The growth of the Flame Moss depends on how it’s grown in the tank. When the Moss is fully submerged in the water it will have faster growth in the tank while a slow growth when left immersed.

How can I make my Flame Moss grow faster?

The Flame Moss like all other plants makes its food. However, to make the Moss grow a little faster you can use recommended fertilizers as well as Co 2 to the Moss. Using Fertilizers as well as CO 2 to the Moss will improve its health as well as its growth.

Does Flame Moss need CO2 for fast-growing?

The Flame Moss like all other plants makes its food through the process of Photosynthesis. Therefore there isn’t any need to infuse additional CO2 to the Moss.

However, infusion of CO 2 to the Moss can help it increase its health and grow faster than the normal growth rate.

How long does the Flame Moss plant take to grow?

The Flame Moss is a slow-growing plant, so when attached to your tank it will take around 04 weeks for the Moss to attach itself to its surface and thereafter have a fair growth.

What are the Fertilizers used for Flame Moss?

A recommended Fertilizer that can be used for your Flame Moss in the freshwaters is the UNS plant food all in one liquid fertilizer, this will help the Moss to grow faster and also will not have any harmful effect on the tank mates in your tank.

What are the correct Parameters for successfully planting Flame Moss?


the Flame Moss requires a low amount of light for its growth, therefore you will have to see that the Moss receives enough amount of light which is not too much. Too much light received on the Moss will cause the Moss to melt off and die.


the Flame Moss requires a temperature of around 68 degrees to 83 degrees Fahrenheit for its growth.


the Flame Moss is identified as a freshwater plant but can survive itself in a little amount of saltwater as well. But not too much salty waters, too much salt in the waters will have health problems on the growth of the moss in your tank.

PH level

The PH requirement of the Flame Moss lies between 6 to 7.5.

What is the fastest-growing Aquarium Moss?

Among all the Mosses the Christmas Moss is identified as the fastest-growing Moss in your tank. But this growth is slow compared to other aquatic plants that are used in the aquariums.

The Christmas Moss or the Christmas tree moss is a small plant that is around 03 to 04 inches tall similar to the Flame Moss. This Moss looks similar to a Christmas tree and is named after it.

This Moss is a hard and versatile plant and has a compact structure of branches and fir-like leaves growing in it.


If you are still thinking of what plant to be added to the decoration of your tank, try having a Flame Moss into your tank. Not only will it add a green look to the tank but also provide the tank and its tank mates with certain benefits as well as this Moss easy to grow and easy to be taken care of.

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