Is Marimo Moss Ball a Low Light Plant?

Marimo Moss Balls are green velvety smooth Moss Balls grown in water. From Nature itself they are provided with all its requirements. They are meant to have cool tempered water and a low amount of light.

All these Factors are fulfilled in the rivers and lakes that these Moss Balls Grow.

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Marimo Moss Ball a Low Light Plant
Marimo Moss Ball a Low Light Plant

But when it comes to the Aquariums and the Home places that you grow Marimos, these factors should be fulfilled by Man himself.

Is Marimo Moss Ball a low light plant?

Marimo Moss Balls appreciate low light on them. They can even survive in medium light. But when it is too much of light or direct sunlight the Marimos cannot survive themselves. As they have been made to survive only through low or a medium rate of light.

Therefore Marimo Moss Balls can be considered a low light plant.

Can Marimo Moss Ball grow in the Dark?

Marimo Moss Balls can stay in the dark for a certain time period but not too long. They require at least a minimum amount of light for them to grow.

Is Marimo Moss Ball turn Brown without proper Lighting?

Marimo Moss Balls require minimum maintainance.Among this is to see that the Marimo receives proper lighting. Not only on the upper surface of the balls, but on all sides of these balls.

If proper lighting is not received on all parts of the Marimo, it will start to rot and turn brown in colour.

This can be seen mostly on the bottom part of the Marimo. So you should carefully look that each part of the Marimo receives the proper amount of lighting.

How many hours of light does Marimo Moss Ball Need?

Marimos should have a low to a medium range of light for its growth. You can keep the Marimos either in sunlight or with a room light.

If sunlight is used you can keep the Marimo tank in a place where there is minimum of sunlight received and if you are using a bulb to provide light see that they receive light but not too bright light.

There is no specific time period to keep Marimos to receive light. It can be 03 to 04 hours, 12 hours or the whole 24 hours. You can keep the Marimos receiving light the whole day.

But keep an eye on the tank and if there is any change in the Marimos to Brown then better reduce the amount of light that is provided on the Marimos.

Is Sunlight needed for Growing Marimo Moss Ball?

Having the Marimos to receive some of the natural light for their growth will be good on the Marimos.

But if this is not possible with the tank or container that you use to keep the Marimos the Marimos can survive themselves even in the light received through the LED bulb at home.

Can Marimo Moss Ball grow in a Room without Sunlight?

Marimo Moss Balls can grow in a Room without Sunlight, but they should be provided with artificial light in the room for their growth.

You can use a low spectrum light bulb fixed and have the Marimo Moss Ball near this. But see that the water in the tank does not heat up with this light.

Marimos require a cold water temperature for growth and heating of the water may cause them to rot and die.

What are the best LED Lights for Marimo Moss Ball?

You can have the Marimo Moss Ball tank under a LED light but this light should not be of high intensity.

See that the LED bulb does not provide much bright light which might be harmful on the Marimos.

One of the key factors that you have to give priority in growing Marimo Moss Balls is the light conditions for them. You should always concentrate on the amount of light given on these Marimos.

And see that all parts of this plant receives the same amount of light for growth. So that you can have a nice looking Moss Balls growing in your tank.

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