Are Marimo Moss Balls Illegal in Australia? (What You NEED To Know?)

Marimo Moss Balls are a Green Velvety Circular Shaped Algae used in the decorating of Aquariums these days.

These Marimos are mostly grown in the Japanese and the Northern European Lakes and Rivers. Marimo Moss Balls are said to be grown only 05 mm in diameter per year which is a very slow growth rate.

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Are Marimo Moss Balls Illegal in Australia
Are Marimo Moss Balls Illegal in Australia

Currently with the high demand for these Moss Balls, they have become extinct in certain parts of the world in which they grow.

In the Japan lakes where these Marimos are grown, it has been prohibited to touch or remove them. The Japanese are now importing these from other countries from where they grow.

Are Marimo Moss Balls Illegal in Australia?

Each Country has its own rules and regulations to be followed. This applies to the export and import of certain goods and services in and out of the country.

Australia has restricted the import of certain goods into their country and Marimo Moss Balls are one of them.

Marimo Moss Balls are a restricted plant to be imported to the Australian State.

Are Marimo Moss Balls Illegal to import in any Country?

Not all the Countries have prohibited the import of Marimo Moss Balls into their country.

An incident where there was zebra mussels, an invasive species found in these aquarium Moss Balls, led to certain countries from restricting the import of these Moss Balls into their country.

However certain countries still import these Moss Balls.

Can I Buy live Marimo Moss Balls in Australia?

Most of the time live Marimo Moss Balls can be bought in Australia if they are locally grown.

And also there a certain online stores that sell them.

Marimo Moss Balls are prohibited to be imported in some countries, therefore what are the alternative plants for them?

As certain countries have restricted the import of the Marimo Moss Balls and also if they are not grown within the country for sale .Then you can use the Artificial Moss Balls instead of the Live ones. These Artificial Moss Balls look alike the live ones.

Are fake Moss Balls good for Aquariums?

Fake or Artificial Marimo Moss Balls can be added as a decoration to your Aquarium.

Unlike the live Marimos they don’t require a lot of care or looking after. But most of the time they are made of plastics. If you are having these Artificial Moss Balls with fish and if they start eating or nibbling these Moss Balls that can have a harm on your fish as well as the Aquarium.

And also these Marimos will not be able to clean your tank or provide with oxygen to your tank.

How can you identify the difference between Artificial Moss Balls and Real Moss Balls?

Unlike the Artificial Moss Balls the live and real Marimo Moss Balls have certain characteristics and requirements, they are

  • The Real Marimo Moss Balls require a low to medium sunlight on their growth, too much of sunlight will cause the Marimos to rot and die.
  • The real Marimos will float on the top of the tank for a few days at the initial stage of putting them in the tank. They will gradually sink thereafter.
  • The growth of the real Marimos can be seen as a 05 mm in diameter per year.
  • Too much of hot water will cause damage on the live Moss Balls.
  • The Marimo Moss Balls are complete Algae from the surface to the core.
  • The real Marimos can be reproduced by splitting them up.

So if you do not find these conditions on your Marimo Moss Balls in the tank they are certainly fake Moss Balls.

Why illegal to Import Marimo Moss Balls?

An incident where the Marimo Moss Balls used in Aquariums having invasive Zebra Mussels has made certain countries from the Importing of these Marimo Moss Balls.

Marimo Moss Balls, a god given gift of nature is a beautiful looking Algae. Protecting these from being extinct is very important.

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