Why is my Flame Moss Turning Brown?

The Flame Moss or scientifically known as the Taxiphyllum Flame is a Moss that grows on Rhizoids. These Rhizoids help the Moss to anchor itself to any surface and absorb the required nutrients to the plant.

The Flame Moss is a plant that can grow itself almost anywhere and takes a thick and somewhat bushy form when its requirements are met.

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These Mosses can be grown fully submerged in the waters as well as kept immersed too. The Flame Moss has a natural color which is deep greenly, but when these plants are in your tank and when certain of its requirements are not met they will change in color, which mostly takes a brown color and thereafter even die.

Why is my Flame Moss Turning Brown
Why is my Flame Moss Turning Brown

Why is my Flame Moss Turning Brown?

The Flame Moss plant like other plants in the tank or Aquarium can change brown due to various reasons. The Basic reason for the Flame Moss to change its color into brown is when the minimum care needed by these plants is not given to them.

However, we can take certain precautionary measures to make them change back into their green and glamorous look again.

Main Reasons for Flame Moss Turning Brown?

Too much light received on the plant

The Flame Moss requires a low to a medium amount of light to grow. When there is too much light then there is a problem. Too much light is a cause for the Flame Moss to change its color into brown and even die.

Changes in the Water Consistency

a Change in the water consistency will also affect the Flame Moss to change in color. This might at times occur at the initial stage after purchase. The plant will face a sudden water change from its previous.

Speedy Water Flow in the Tank

The Flame Moss requires a slow flow of water in your tank, when the filter in the tank provides a high flow of water to the tank it will cause the Flame Moss to change in color and tear off.

Lack of Nutrients

Insufficient Nutrients on the plant is another factor affecting the brown color change in the Flame Moss. If you feel that the plant is not receiving a sufficient amount of nutrients naturally, you can add a certain amount of CO 2 and fertilizer to the Flame Moss plants in the tank.

Can Flame Moss turn Green again?

Yes, the Flame Moss can turn back in color to green again when precautionary measures are taken to prevent the causes of these Mosses turning to brown. However most of the time these plants turn back green if they are identified at the initial stage and the necessary measures are taken.

How can I Turn back my brown flame moss into green again?

Giving the Flame Moss only the required amount of minimum room light or sunlight, providing a slow movement of water in the tank, regular cleaning of the water in the tank, controlling the algae growth within the tank and providing the sufficient and required amount of nutrients can help the brown flame moss to turn back in color.

Is Brown Flame Moss bad for aquarium tanks?

No, a brown flame moss in the tank does not always mean that it is harmful to the tank. When the necessary actions are taken the Brown Flame Moss will change back in color to green.

But at certain times when the necessary precautions are not taken at the time and these Flame Mosses are left lying in the tank for a longer period, it will then have a certain bad effect on the aquarium tanks.

Is Brown Flame Moss harmful to other plants in my aquarium?

No, a Brown Flame Moss in the tank is not always harmful to the other aquarium plants in the tank. However, leaving a brown Flame Moss in the tank for a longer time period without taking any care of can cause harm on the other aquatic plants in the tank.

Is Brown Flame Moss bad for Goldfish?

No, a Brown Flame Moss is not always harmful to the goldfish in the tank. Goldfish tend to eat anything that fits in their mouth and therefore they will feed on the brown flame moss plants in your tank as well.

If this Brown flame has been left in the tank for a certain period of time without taking any care of then eating such plants will cause health problems on the gold fish in the tank.

Is Brown Flame Moss bad for Guppies?

No, identifying the causes for the change in color of the Moss in the tank and taking the necessary actions within the due time will not cause harm on the guppies. But leaving these mosses untreated for a longer period of time in the tank will have health effects on the guppies in your tank.

Is Brown Flame Moss bad for Turtles?

A Brown flame Moss in your tank will not always have bad effects on the turtles in your tank, but having these brown mosses untreated in the tank for a longer period of time will cause these mosses to produce toxins to the tank which will make the turtles to have health effects.

Does Brown Flame Moss Die?

Yes, at certain times when these brown mosses are not treated within the due time to turn back into their natural greenly look, it will cause the Flame Mosses even to die


Flame Mosses are a beautiful and lively addition to your fish tank. With their deep green looks, these plants bring a lot of attraction to the fish tank. These Mosses require minimum maintenance when in the tank or aquarium.

But when these minimum requirements are not fulfilled these plants will change in color and might even die in the tank. Therefore it should be always seen that these Mosses are provided with their requirements in your tank.

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