How to Kill Algae in my Riccia Moss?

Algae is an invasive aquatic organism that brings harm to the Aquatic plants and the Aquatic life in your Aquarium. Algae grow within your tank or Aquarium due to the imbalance between the nutrients and lighting in the aquarium.

The Riccia Moss is a fast-growing plant and requires a high amount of light on the plant, which will attract more algae towards it. So, then measures need to be taken to keep the plant’s healthy growth and get rid of algae in it.

Algae in my Riccia Moss
Algae in my Riccia Moss

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How to kill Algae in my Riccia Moss?

You can remove the Riccia Moss out of the tank, and give a thorough and gentle wash to the plant. This washing will help you to remove the Algae within the Moss as much as possible.

Thereafter you can use a tweezer or a toothbrush to gently remove the Algae hidden within the Moss. Also, you can use algae eaters in your tank to remove the algae in your Riccia Moss.

Main reasons for Algae growing in my Riccia Moss

There are two main reasons for Algae growth in the Riccia Moss,

Too much light or sunlight received on the Moss

Riccia Moss or any other type of Moss in your tank requires only a certain amount of light or sunlight for its growth. When the amount of light exceeds its limit, it will cause algae to grow within the Moss.

Imbalance of Nutrients

Another factor affecting the growth of Algae in the Riccia Moss is the imbalance of nutrients within the tank. Too many nutrients and a less amount of nutrients cause Algae to grow in the Moss.

What are the most common Algae for Riccia Moss?

Among the common Algae that grow on the Riccia Moss plants are the Hair Algae and the Spot Algae.

Hair Algae

Hair Algae grow in any tank when there is a nutrient imbalance. Long lighting hours or too much heat from the lights can be the main reasons for the growth of hair Algae.

Spot Algae

Spot Algae are bright green circular-shaped spots that grow in any tank with the excess light or excess amount of Nutrients.

How do I get rid of green hair Algae in my Riccia Moss?

Hair Algae when attached to the Riccia Moss will be difficult to be removed. You can thoroughly wash the Riccia Moss without damaging the plant and if there are any other hair algae to be seen you can take something like a tweezer and remove the hair algae from the Riccia

Does hydrogen peroxide prevent algae in Riccia Moss?

Hydrogen peroxide may help the Riccia Moss to get rid of the algae in it. However, the use of hydrogen peroxide may have bad effects on the health of the Riccia Moss and might even cause them to die.

How do you clean Algae off a Riccia Moss?

Thorough washing of the plant, using algae eaters, and using equipment’s as tweezers to remove algae can help to clean algae off the Riccia Moss in your tank.


Riccia Moss is a very beautiful addition to your tank. It should be well taken care of. Especially from Algae attacks. Algae attacks can have a bad effect on the health of these plants and even cause them to die.

Taking care of your Riccia Moss from algae attacks is not that much of a difficult task. Providing the plants with the correct amount of light which is not too much, giving a proper cleaning and trimming to the plants, and having a nutritional balance in the tank can help to have a healthy Riccia Moss in the tank.

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