Is Taiwan Moss Good for Shrimps?

Taiwan moss, also known as the Taxiphyllum alternans, is grown near the river bank. Like other freshwater plants, the plant is found submerged under water. The water condition highly moderates the growth of the plant. The high CO2 level in the water contributes to faster growth.

However, you can grow the plant in low light conditions as well. Whenever the plant experiences slow growth could result from the low light condition, water contamination, and other natural circumstances.

Taiwan moss is one of the fastest-growing plants that support the fish in the tank. Its sturdy nature, long survival rate, and ability to deal with the changing water condition make the plant beginner-friendly.

Taiwan moss good for Shrimps
Taiwan moss good for Shrimps

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Taiwan moss originated from Eastern Asia and Southeastern USA. Furthermore, Taiwan moss is structurally similar to the Java and Weeping plants. The maintenance procedure of these plants is relatively identical.

Is Taiwan moss Good for Shrimp?

Yes. Taiwan moss is considered the best Plant for Shrimp because the plant grows faster and creates a densely packed region. As the plant grows, you will see naturally produced cave-like structures in the plant. The flexibility of the leaves and overall structure make the Taiwan moss a suitable plant for the decorative.

When the shrimps are grown, they need hiding space to protect themselves from the preditors. Besides that, the plant will receive algae growth. The algae are the perfect food for the Shrimp. The early development of the Shrimp will entirely depend on the algae and nutrition from the leftover food.

Shrimp gets sufficient time to grow under the Taiwan moss plant. As they reach the required height, the Shrimp will be ready to protect themselves from the predators. Their survival rate increases and you see the development of the community.

Are Shrimps Eating Taiwan moss?

Yes. The shrimps would eat the tiny leaves of the plant. They munch the Taiwan moss plant leaves. The plant is the perfect food for small dwellers. You will find the Cherry Shrimp, Grass Shrimp, and Amano Shrimp that eat the plant leaves. Live plants are perfect for early growth because of the Shrimp.

Taiwan moss plant consists of essential nutrition required to support the faster growth of the Shrimp. It is also a suitable option for fish that require plant-based nutrition. Consuming the nutrition-rich Taiwan moss plant allows you to develop amazing support.

Are Shrimps Getting Stuck in Taiwan moss?

Yes. There is a possibility that the Shrimp get stuck in the densely packed Taiwan moss plant. You have to be sure that the plant is nicely arranged. Use the Taiwan moss plant so that it does not get entangled.

If you have to clean the plant to remove the Shrimp from it, you will be able to remove it from the aquarium without hurting the entire tank structure.

On top of that, the Taiwan moss plant spreads quickly when the water condition in the tank is suitable for plant growth. Within a few weeks, the entire plant will occupy the area.

Are Taiwan moss Good for all types of shrimps?

Yes. The plant is compatible with all types of fish in the aquarium. You can have Ghost shrimp, red cherry shrimp, and Amano shrimp without trouble. The Taiwan moss helps these tiny Shrimp to stay protected in the water. Without this, you will not be able to grow the shrimp community.

The Shrimp will get eaten, and you will never have a large community of the Shrimp. Thus, it is advisable to manage the shrimps in the tank in natural conditions and allow the fish to grow.

How to help Taiwan moss for Breeding shrimp?

Taiwan moss is the perfect plant for breeding shrimps in the aquarium. Taiwan moss plant will give comfortable space for the Shrimp to grow. Put the plant in a way that creates a natural underwater forest. As the plant starts growing, it will reach a significant height.

Using the Taiwan moss protects the shrimp babies and adults from the shrimp eater fish. It continues the support the baby shrimps in their early growth. It mainly helps the plant support the development of the shrimp underwater when it cannot protect itself.

Also, the shrimps are slow swimmers. They quickly become the food of the other fish in the tank. Therefore, you have to be aware of the situation about it.

Another way is to divide the back of the aquarium into two parts. There are many ways you can do this. One of the solutions is to use a mesh structure to create the partition. It will divide the tank into separate parts where the Shrimp can live comfortably on the back.

The front area will be secure for the fish to swim. In this way, you will have both the species of fish and Shrimp live together peacefully without hurting each other environment. Also, feeding would be easy for the Shrimp and fish.

Do Shrimp lay eggs on Taiwan moss?

Yes. The Shrimp can lay eggs on the Taiwan moss plant. The Shrimp generally carries their eggs under their tail. Females hold the eggs with them until they are ready to lay. Taiwan moss plant will give them the confidence of safety and allow them to release the eggs under water.

Shrimps are scared of the preditors. Fish would love to eat the shrimp eggs laid on the plant. One of the reasons why Taiwan moss is a better option is because they grow faster.

The fish eat even the plant, and the plant will multiply quickly. Within a few weeks, the plant will develop quickly and reach the height where it will cover the entire area with the green plants.

Is Taiwan moss safe for Baby Shrimps?

Yes. Taiwan moss shows many characteristics that make the plant highly suitable for the Baby Shrimps plant. You will have easy management when you put the plants in the aquarium. The plant would require regular trimming and maintenance, but comparatively, the management is relatively easy for the Baby shrimps.

Put the baby shrimp in the tank where they have a good hiding place. It is where the Taiwan moss comes into place, and the plant offers perfect conditions to grow.

Do Shrimps Poop Harmful to Taiwan moss?

No. Shrimp poop will significantly affect the Taiwan moss plant. However, the water condition will change if you do not remove poop and waste products from the water. Use the proper filtration to remove the dirt and dust particles.

When the Taiwan moss is in its early stage, it will require an excellent ecosystem to grow. Too much waste product will slow down their growth. You will not be able to achieve the goal without the proper filtration. Also, conduct a 25% water change to maintain the stable development of the plant.

Can Shrimp be enjoyed with Taiwan moss?

Yes. Taiwan moss plant would offer comfortable living space to the Shrimp. You will notice faster growth in the Shrimp in the tank when they are stress-free. Also, the shrimps are very particular about laying their eggs.

Shrimps carry their eggs with them until they are ready to lay. They do not lay the eggs until they find a suitable environment. The survival of the Shrimp depends on the environment they live in. Shrimp enjoy companionship with the Taiwan moss plant.


Taiwan moss is perfect for Shrimp. Especially people who are growing shrimps in the tank without any fish should use Taiwan moss because it makes the environment perfectly suitable for them. As your shrimps develop, you will notice they grow comfortably in the water.

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