How to Control the Algae Growth of Taiwan Moss?

Taiwan moss is a freshwater plant primarily found on river banks or lakes. The plant is known for its sturdy nature and faster growth. You can place the Taiwan moss in any aquarium and support the aqua life.

With the Taiwan moss, algae growth is quite common. Bright light is the primary ingredient of algae. Like any other live plants, when the light condition and water are suitable for the Algaes, they start increasing in the surrounding area.

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Algae Growth of Taiwan Moss
Algae Growth of Taiwan Moss

UV light exposure supports the Algae’s food production process, which directly contributes to the multiplication of algae in the water.

The aquarist should know how to manage the growth and maintain the light condition where it supports the plant growth but does not help the algae grow.

How to control the Algae Growth of Taiwan Moss?

According to the experts, the algae growth prevention method may not work if you are unaware of the reason behind the algae growth in your aquarium.

The prevention is always better; thus, you should control the water condition to the limit where the plant life will thrive, but it should not allow the algae to grow.

The method of controlling algae growth begins by selecting the right plant. Taiwan moss could be new for many aquarists, but it is the most common plant in Asia and many southeast countries. The plant quickly grows in low light conditions.

Brighter the light, faster algae growth you will experience in the aquarium. As per the research, the light source is the culprit of the algae growth. Hence, you must maintain the aquarium in a low light condition to avoid such a scenario.

Development of the CO2, Ammonia could affect the pH level of the water and make the water appear cloudy.

On top of that, the waste product starts developing in the water, making the live plants and fish unhealthy. Next, maintain the water to its highest cleanness level. Perform regular water changes to avoid the water getting contaminated.

Once the water reaches its lowest level, the algae take in place and start spreading in the water. Once the algae occupy the space, you will have no option then clean the entire tank.

It is tough to recover the water quality in the presence of algae. The algae do not die quickly and are hard to remove with the hand. Development in the small area is also sufficient to support the algae growth.

How can remove the Algae from Taiwan Moss?

Development of the algae in the Taiwan moss plant is quite common. The reason for the growth of the algae is the suitable condition the plant offers them.

When the algae take place in the Taiwan moss plant, separating them is difficult because the plant consists of tiny leaves. It will impact plant growth if you try cleaning the plant with your hands or any cleaning device.

In most cases, you have to move the Taiwan moss plant to a separate tank where you disable the ability of the algae to grow further in the low light condition.

The low light reduces the algae spreading around the Taiwan moss because they cannot produce sufficient food to survive. On the other hand, the Taiwan moss will not get affected because they are known for growing under low light conditions.

Here are some methods to regain control of your Taiwan moss and remove algae without hurting the plant.

  • Turn off your filter and start ripping the plant leaves where you find the algae growth. Running filters will suck the algae and allow them to grow in the filter area. So always turn off the filter before you even touch the plant.
  • Remove the plant from the aquarium and rinse it under the running water. Use a gentle hand while cleaning; else, the plant will rip.
  • Change the water condition to more fresh water with moderated temperature. Dirty water is suitable for algae growth. Improving water quality will contribute to reducing the algae through a natural process.

How can I keep Taiwan moss plants clean?

Over time the Taiwan moss plant collects the dirt and dust particles on top of the leaves. Also, the waste products of the fish would reside on the plant. Regular cleaning is required to keep the plant healthy.

Cleaning could be done two ways: using the hose to suck the substance residing on the plant. Get the small size pipe and connect it with the hose.

One side of it will be placed outside the aquarium in the bucket, and another end will be used in the tank to suck the dirt particles. Switch on the hose and gently move the pipe on the plant’s surface to suck the waste product.

Alternatively, remove the plant from the tank and rinse it properly under the running water.

Besides that, you can also clean the Taiwan moss plant with your hand and pull the particles stuck to the leaves. After you are done with the cleaning, you can place the plant back in the aquarium.

Use powerful filtration to remove the waste product from the water so there will be less development in the plant. Also, perform a water change every week to keep the freshwater level intact.

It will reduce algae development and prevent unwanted bacteria in the tank. Tiny bacteria grow on the plant making the plant dirty over time.

Why are algae Growing in Taiwan Moss?

Algae growth is most common in the live plant. Algae mostly found its way into the aquarium due to the bright lights. When the light in the aquarium is too bright, slowly, the tiny green bacteria called algae would take place on the Taiwan moss.

Soon after their early occupation, the algae will spread in the large area and cover the entire plant in dark green.

Taiwan moss plants will experience slower growth over time. Indeed, the algae growth is harmful to the Taiwan moss as it prevents the lights from reaching the plants.

Consequently, the plant will have trouble producing sufficient food. When food production drops, the growth rate also significantly goes down.

Will Algae Kill Taiwan Moss in my Aquarium?

Yes. Algae is less likely to kill the Taiwan moss plant in your aquarium, but you cannot deny that it will affect the growth of the Taiwan moss plant.

As soon as the algae take place in the aquarium, you will experience sudden changes in the water condition. Water becomes cloudy, and slowly, quality drops. Taiwan moss in the aquarium could get affected by the changing water condition.

Other than that, the Taiwan moss would have trouble collecting UV light from the top light source. The reason for that would be Algae’s occupation of the large area in the tank. So when the algae occur, they primarily reside on the substrates or live plants.

So to prevent algae growth, you should treat the algae directly and reduce the light source to limited exposure.

Low light conditions could not affect the Taiwan moss plant but will stop the algae’s expansion. Within a few weeks, the algae level in the aquarium will drop more than 50%, and you will have a clean aquarium supporting the plant life.

Does Taiwan Moss eat Algae?

No. Taiwan moss is a freshwater plant. Algae, on the other hand, is the plant type that multiplies quickly when the condition is suitable. Therefore, the Taiwan moss cannot eat the algae. There is no way the Taiwan moss plant can take benefit from the algae.

How to clean algae without killing Taiwan Moss?

Removing algae from the Taiwan moss plant could be challenging. You should apply the prevention method when you decide to have a Taiwan moss plant.

Once the algae take place on the Taiwan moss, it could be challenging to remove them altogether. Also, the traditional methods that apply to eliminate the algae are partially effective. It cannot guarantee that the algae will get eradicated after you perform the cleaning.

Before cleaning the Taiwan moss to remove the algae, you should apply some treatment to stop further algae growth in the aquarium. Lower the exposure of the light in the tank.

The low light condition will start killing some parts of the algae due to less food.

Limiting the light exposure may slow down the growth of the Taiwan moss plant, but at the same time, it will give touch time to algae to expand in the other region.

Once you notice the algae growth is cut in half, you can remove the Taiwan moss plant from the aquarium and clean it thoroughly under the running water. Or use your hand to remove the algae stuck to the plant leaves.

Even the remaining small portion could make the algae grow again in the tank. Therefore, do the cleaning with complete presence of mind and ensure the plant is clean.

How long does it take to kill algae from Taiwan Moss?

It may take several weeks to slowly kill the algae from the Taiwan moss plant. When you limit the light, the algae would have trouble growing food.

As a result, the growth rate will slow down. The remaining algae would struggle due to less food and slowly decay in the water. Perform regular water changes to increase the speed of the process.

Can Baking Soda kill algae in Taiwan Moss?

Yes. Take the baking soda and mix it with the water. Use the solution to remove the algae while cleaning it. Baking soda is an active ingredient that detaches the algae from the plant.

Put the algae-contaminated Taiwan moss plant into the container and add baking soda solution. Let the plant stay for minutes, and submerge in the solution.

After a few minutes, pull the plant out and start rubbing the plant with the brush. Do not put extreme pressure on the plant. The leaves of the Taiwan moss are too soft, so that they may get broken. The procedure helps kill the spot algae by applying the solution on top of it.

Can Hydrogen peroxide kill algae in Taiwan moss?

Yes. A mix of peroxide can be applied to the plant to clean them. The solution of the hydrogen peroxide affects the algae growth. Usually, the chemical is diluted in the water to make it safer for the plant. It is a safer option to remove algae from the plant.

Hydrogen peroxide may not kill the algae, but the sticky part of the plant becomes less effective when the solution is applied. It would be easy to separate them from the plant and achieve the desired success.

What types of algae can grow in Taiwan Moss Aquariums?

There are different types of algae found in the aquarium. Depending on the water condition, temperature, and essential minerals, the algae occur in the aquarium. Here is the list of algae you find in the Taiwan moss aquariums.

  • Brown Algae (Diatoms)
  • Black Beard Algae (Audouinella/Black Brush Algae/BBA)
  • Green Dust Algae (GDA)
  • Green Spot Algae (GSA/Coleochaete Orbicularis)
  • Blue-Green Algae (BGA)
  • Blanket Weed (Cladophora sp.)
  • Fuzz Algae.
  • Green Aquarium Water Algae.

What are the Most Common Algae for Taiwan moss?

Algaes are found in various forms, sizes, and colors. They are divided into subcategories: diatoms, green, red, and brown algae. In the Taiwan moss plant, you will find the development of brown or green algae.

How can remove the algae from fake Taiwan Moss Plants?

It is pretty easy to remove the algae from the fake Taiwan moss plants because these plants are made of plastic material. You can remove the plant from the aquarium and put them aside.

Take a scrubber and start cleaning the fake plant. Create the bleach solution in the container. Clean the plant thoroughly and eliminate dirt, dust, and algae.

After cleaning:

  • Wash it with warm water.
  • Ensure the water is not too hot; the plastic material may get squeezed due to heat.
  • Once you finish the cleaning, give another rinse with the fresh water. If the bleach solution is stuck to the fake plant, it will get removed.
  • Keep it aside for drying; after a few hours, you can put the plant back in the aquarium.

Similarities between Algae and Taiwan Moss

  • Algae and Taiwan moss doesn’t contain stem or root structure like any other aquarium plant.
  • Both of them are eukaryotes.
  • Found in aquatic or moist environments.
  • Non-Vascular plants.
  • Non Flowering plants.
  • Do not produce seeds.
  • Both the plant will have chlorophyll which helps them use it for photosynthesis.
  • Both also contain a type of plastids named pyrenoids.
  • Fertilization would not happen without water.

Difference between Algae and Taiwan Moss

The algae share many similarities but also have many differences that we will discuss in this article.


Algae are found underwater, whereas the Taiwan moss can grow in moist or shady places.


Algaes can be unicellular and multicellular, but not all mosses are multicellular.

Plant Body

Algae don’t contain leaves, but Taiwan moss has leaf-like structures.

Division of Labor

Algae don’t contain a division of labor, but the Taiwan moss body structure is internally divided into the photosynthetic system.

Growth and Reproduction

All type of algae cell goes through reproduction. However, the apical cells of mosses only undergo through reproduction process.


I hope you have learned about algae growth through this article and how to manage it in the Taiwan moss tank. Algae growth is directly proportionate to the light condition in the aquarium.

There are no fixed rules, but prevention is always better to reduce the production of unwanted stuff in the aquarium.

Limit the light exposure, and there will be no algae in the tank. Also, keep the water clean and suitable for the Taiwan moss plant. Until the water is stable, the algae will not flourish in the clean water.

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