Does Riccia Moss Provide Oxygen?

Among the aquatic plants that are used in the Aquarium industry, nowadays Mosses take a prominent place.

One such Moss was popularized by a Japanese Aquarist Takashi Amano during the past few years.

By name, this plant is known as the Riccia Moss or the Crystal Wort and is scientifically known as the Riccia fluitans.

Riccia Moss Provide Oxygen
Riccia Moss Provide Oxygen

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The Riccia Moss is a foreground plant with easy growth and is mainly seen growing in Europe, America, and Asia. However, among these growths, the plants that grow in Japan only can be used in the fish tanks or aquariums.

Like all other plants, this plant can also bring other benefits to the tank other than a beautiful look into the tank.

One such major benefit provided by these plants is providing the tank with a certain amount of the oxygen requirement of the tank.

So let us see how and in which way these plants provide the tank with oxygen.

Does Riccia Moss provide oxygen?

Yes, like all other plants on land and the aquarium plants, the Riccia Moss plant too makes food through the process of photosynthesis, producing a certain amount of oxygen to the tank or aquarium.

This will be very useful to the tank as well as the other tank mates in it.

Do aquarium plants oxygenate water?

Yes, almost each aquarium plant or moss produces its food, resulting in them providing the water with at least a minimum amount of the oxygen requirement of the tank.

Importance of making oxygen in Riccia moss

All Aquatic life as well as the tank mates in your tank requires oxygen for living as well as growing.

Therefore producing oxygen by the Riccia Moss in your tank is highly important. This production of oxygen by the Riccia Moss helps the fish and other tank mates in the tank to live.

Also helps to have a balanced Ecosystem within the tank.

Does the Riccia Moss plant provide oxygen for 24 hours?

No, like all the other plants and the aquatic plants do, the Riccia Moss will provide the tank with a certain amount of oxygen and vice versa during the night.

Therefore the riccia moss does not provide the tank with 24 hours of oxygen.

Does Riccia moss provide oxygen at night?

No, the Riccia Moss will provide a certain amount of oxygen to the tank in the daytime, but like other plants will not provide the water with oxygen during the night.

How to make more oxygen in Riccia Moss?

Riccia Moss will provide your tank with more oxygen when the plant is given good care and maintenance.

Providing the Moss with the required amount of temperature, light, etc can help the plant to produce more oxygen in the tank.

The Riccia Moss is a very fast-growing plant, therefore it will grow to spread all around the tank, when this happens it will be necessary to give a trimming on the plant.

Or else, even though the outer parts of the plants remain green in color the inner side of the plant will start to decay.

Therefore, this trimming will help the plant to grow healthy and provide more oxygen to the tank.

What toxins does Riccia Moss release?

A live Riccia Moss will not release any toxins to your tank, instead, it will absorb the nitrates and help in cleaning the water of the tank.

However, if the Riccia Moss is left dying and decaying in the tank for a longer period, like all other plants there is a possibility of the Riccia Moss to produce Nitrite and Ammonia toxins in your tank.

Do algae release oxygen at the Riccia Moss aquarium?

Yes, like other plants the Algae in the Riccia Moss aquarium will produce their food and provide the water with a certain amount of oxygen during the daytime and vice versa during the night.

How do algae cause oxygen depletion in my Riccia Moss fluitans Tank?

During the night times and on cloudy days, the algae in your tank will remove the oxygen in the tank for respiration.

So when there isn’t enough oxygen in the tank it will cause to have oxygen depletion in the riccia moss tank. This oxygen depletion might even kill the other tank mates in the tank.


Riccia Moss plant is a great addition to your fish tank or aquarium with its qualities of ease to be taken care of and fast growth.

And also it can be planted on the tank in any way you like, either on the substrate or gravel or on driftwood or rocks and stones.

In any way it is added to the tank it will bring a beautiful look to the tank, while also providing certain other advantages such as providing oxygen to the tank.

So try adding one of these plants to your fish tank as well.

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